• let kids play on a safe SPORTS court innovative elastic material shock absorption over 25% provides excellent protection
  • Quick and simple installation Build your own SPORTS court with your friends in only 8 hours, save time save cash!

World-class SPORTS floor

Thanks for its excellent sports performance, Gridcourt SPORTS flooring has successfully been the best option of many top events. There's no doubt you will see the Gridcourt products everywhere, from Asia to Europe, from Middle East to America, from high school clubs to world cup qualifications.

About us

As a world leading maunfacturer of interlocking sports flooring, GRIDCOURT keeps her focus on leading development and implementation in synthetic material interlocking flooring industry.With professional product design,manufacturing and installation,GRIDCOURT can satisfy all rang demands from leisure sports to world-class professional events.

Innovative design ——create better sports experience

Based on good understanding and long term usage of sports floorings, GridCourt capable to design and produce perfect products which are effectively used in leisure and professional sports.

Material Technology ----Innovation and change keep us alive

Synthetic interlocking flooring as a new choice in the market,there is a huge material character difference between PP and they determined the direction for use of the product.

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Service and Network ——Global sales network and world-class service

GridCourt, is not only a sports flooring manufacturer, but your senior solutioner. Our full service included Layout design, Flyer and advertisement printing, Door to door delivering and overseas installation.
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