As a world`s leading manufacturer of interlocking Sports flooring, Gridcourt keeps her focus on product design and material technology. With complete product line, excellent production control and professional installation, Gridcourt can satisfy all kinds of demands from leisure Sports to world-class events.


Founded in 2000, Gridcourt is the leading manufacturer of sports flooring.
Products meet EN14877 & EN14904 sports flooring standard.
Products examined and approved by ITF,SAT,CFA.
Chinese Football Association appointed futsal flooring.
Sports Authority of Thailand approved flooring.
Products have been adopted by many International events.

  • International Tennis Federation

  • Chinese Football Association

  • Sports Authority of Thailand

  • International Tennis Federation

Sport and Safety
---Enjoy sports without safety concern

Gridcourt Elastic Material Technology
Combine with the character of rubber and plastic, Gridcourt has successfully developed the most advanced material TPE Elastic Material. It perfectly unifies the elasticity of rubber and strength of plastic, offering incomparable comfort protection and long life
stable quality.

Gridcourt Elastic flooring product comply with the European sports flooring EN standard, it completely solved the essential safety problem of “Stiff Slippery Bulking” of PP plastic interlocking sports flooring and return the real fun of sports to player

Sports surface performance not only means to meet the requirements of sports shock absorption, ball rebounded non-skid property and many other technical data, but to prevent excessive loss of players' energy and potential dangers happening in the game.

Safety performance is a necessary character of sports flooring. It can decrease pressure to player`s ankles & joint and reduce wrench, scratch, and fall down injuries.

Innovative design
——create better sports experience

Based on good understanding and long term usage of sports floorings, GridCourt capable to design and produce perfect products which are effectively used in leisure and professional sports. Our unique technique and design bring up outstanding products well experienced and examined in world-class sports events.

    • Tri-point Locking System

      With the great connection strength among adjacent plates, it prevents flooring from falling off or being broken and assures much more sports safety. Patent No: ZL 201210179148.7

    • Dual Traction Surface

      It provides the highest friction force to players during the game but allows flexible movements like spot turn and break through unencumbered in all time all directions. Patent No:ZL 201220257352.1

    • Smart Point Shock Absorber

      It is one of the best designs of interlocking sports flooring. Through the arch point deformation, the “Smart Point” absorber can provide maximum 53% shock absorption and 93% energy loopback.. Patent No: ZL 201210179172.0

    • Tubular Shape Structure

      The use of geometric topology structure design provided excellent supporting strength, and assures elastic deformation possible when suffered partial force. Patent No: ZL 201220252900.1

Material Technology
——Innovation and change keep us alive

Synthetic interlocking flooring as a new choice in the market, there is a huge difference between PP and TPE material and they determined the direction for use of the product.

Due to the excellent strength of PP flooring, it is perfect to apply in Home decoration, Commercial exhibition, Garage and Industrial plant; but meanwhile the disadvantage of stiff slippery and dimension deformation has become its deadly defect and should not be use as professional Sports flooring.

In order deliver the best sports performance and sports protection Gridcourt is the first to adopt TPE on interlocking sports flooring. As a high-tech composite material, TPE(thermoplastic elastomer)material preserved the elasticity of rubber and the strength of PP. With its High shock absorption, Non-slip performance, Low expansion rate and high dimension stability, TPE has become the best material of interlocking Sports flooring.


  • TermalExpansion

    Stable dimension is extremely important to all Sports field.The thermal expansion of PP flooring is 16 times higher than wooden flooring it will cause bulking and cracking due to the temperature rise,seriously affect the quality and accuracy of the court.

  • Wet Friction

    Most of the Sports injuries happened in the game were caused by wet surface slippery.According to EN Sports flooring standard,the friction coefficient(BPH) of synthetic Sports flooring under wet condition should not lower than 55.

Shock Absorption

Shock absorption is both the major and essential requirement of Sports flooring,Gridcourt elastic flooring product can effectively reduce Sports injuries and increase energy returning.According to EN sports flooring standard and FIBA flooring requirement,the shock absorption of synthetic sports flooring must be 25%.

Qualification And Honor
——A world-class interlocking sports flooring supplier

Gridcourt has a complete manufacturing system from product design material developing to production control. After experiencing many world-class competitions and tournaments, Gridcourt has collected many suggestions and advise from top athletes and coaches. After four generations product development and breakthrough, Gridcourt eventually developed the best products with world class performance and quality.


  • ITF CPR Leve 5

  • Sports Authority of

  • Chinese Football

  • 2012 AFF Futsal

  • Sports Authority of

  • Chinese Football

  • Bangkok Thonburi

  • Vikings Futsal
    Stadium Malaysia

  • MNK Club

  • Universiti Brunei

  • Alroudan Football

  • China National Game
    Hefei 2010

  • Singapore Youth Olympic
    Festival 2011


  • Premjer Zagreb

  • Futura Commercial


  • FIGOS Malaysia

  • CE

  • ISO9001

  • ISO14001

  • ROHS 2002/95/EC

  • Societe Generale
    De Surveillance

  • National Intellectual
    Property Office

Service and Network
---Global sales network and world-class service

GridCourt, is not only a sports flooring manufacturer, but your senior solutioner. Our full service included Layout design, Flyer and advertisement printing, Door to door delivering and overseas installation.

Our 90 days Sell on Credit service provides you an opportunity to expand your business without financial pressure.

Gridcourt`s oversea agents and distributors has been widely spread in the world our excellent partners can offer you professional service, with rich knowledge and many years installation experience.

Welcome to join Gridcourt family, with our professional service and world-class product, Gridcourt will help you reach a new pinnacle of your career.